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ASI Advantage for Freight Carriers

ASI has an advantageous niche that you will experience only when you come together to work with us. Our carrier technology ensures that you are focused on income generation rather than worrying about the logistical and transport barriers. Our back-office operations make sure that your fleet has smooth sailing so that you can move as many loads as you want to.

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We communicate at every step of the way with everyone involved in the hauling process, ranging from drivers to logistics.


In continuation of our communication, we notify the stage of the progress we have made so far in the haul.


Every load is duly protected and taken care of by the staff so that your goods reach their destination in the same shape they left.


When you work with us, we ensure that you get paid on time, without any delays.


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You can join the Freight Carriers Network by Registry Monitoring Insurance Services (RMIS) at The onboarding process takes a few days and once it is complete, you will be issued a certificate, your ID and password. When you receive this, you will be allowed to log in with your credentials and begin working with us.

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