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Are you looking for a Freight Broker Company?

Advance shipment is the right place for you. You can choose the shipment type including FTL, LTL, Flatbed or Drayage and get the best transportation services from us.

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Are you looking for a job that will allow you to commute from one place to another? Well, a truck driver’s job will help you with this. You can partner with us and act as our carriers for the transportation of goods from one place to another. We will make sure that our carriers are provided with the best payments and deals on time.

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We need assistance from someone who assists shippers with freight ready to haul by finding carriers who are qualified to haul the load. Agents will be responsible for brokering deals with the shippers and then facilitating the movement of shippers freight, thus taking the carriers to the next level.

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What is a Freight broker?

A freight broker is an individual or a company that assembles or unites a shipper who has goods with an authorized motor carrier that wants to provide that service. This broker falls into the category of transportation intermediary. It is a company that neither fits into the category of shipper nor an asset owner, but it plays a crucial role in the movement of the cargo. For the same services, advance shipment is the right place for you.

Why choose advance shipment corporation INC.

Advance shipment corporation INC has a lot of advantages. For instance, with us, you will be able to save your time, resources, and money. We will be able to provide you with more or less, capacity as your business goes through its natural cycles. We can provide you with expansive carrier networks that may provide several advantages over an in-house shipping department. With us, you can get valuable discounts, and also we can provide you with access to which otherwise would be unavailable. As experts in the same industry, we have spent several years building and satisfying our clients. Thus, this has brought us to what we are today.

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Services that we provide for Freight Broker

Advance shipment is a leading provider of customer freight broker services. The services provided by us include- full truck loading (FTL), less truck loading (LTL), and expedited shipping. Every day we connect several shippers with carriers to make sure that thousands of loads arrive where they need to go that too safely, on time, and at a competitive price.



Our network of leading truckload shippers offers local, regional, and long-haul trucking services in full truck loading at competitive prices.



Less than truckload shipping service makes it economical to shift smaller loads, but still making sure that your shipment arrives to you in time and is not damaged.



We provide reefer trucks for a standard semi- cab experience. Refrigerated trailers provide easy transportation of frozen as well as refrigerated freight



If you want to transport heavy and rough goods, such as machinery, building supplies, etc. a flatbed truck must be your go-to. You can book one with us!



Our carriers and the team of professionals ensure that your goods are transported to you even for a short distance through our good freight ensuring no damage to the goods.


Reefer FTL

(Full Truckload) This can be opted for if your shipment palettes are ten or more in number. Also, if your shipment is high-risk, then an FTL in a good choice.


Air Freight

We offer delivery for the goods via air. We make sure that your parcel or the goods are transported to you even if you are overseas ensuring the package is delivered to you safely and is not damaged.


Ocean Freight

We offer ocean freight services by transporting large-scale goods and packages by sea. It is done by putting cargo in the large containers which are loaded onto vessels.

What does a freight broker do?


Order Tender

To start with and make you understand how the process goes, our business shipper calls or emails an order to a freight broker for pickup. Then our freight broker notes all the information when tendering a freight no matter what. In addition to the basic information including location and contact, we ask for special packing or handling instructions. Advance shipment offers the best order tender.


Load scheduling

Then, a freight broker takes all the information, enters the order into their freight management system, and works to schedule and confirm exact order pickup and delivery times. Our team has the best load scheduling as we build our network full of carriers we have vetted we can depend on.



Our agent stays in contact with the carrier during the entire process of loading. Our team makes sure that the process of loading takes place carefully. The loading is not considered complete until all freight has been put on the trailer, the trailer has been shut, in some cases sealed, and the carrier has signed the shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL), accepting possession and liability of the freight.



Your freight broker provider will stay in contact with the driver throughout the transit of the load. Using GPS tracking technologies they can maintain the location of the shipment to delivery. Regular check-in calls with the carrier also help to ensure everything is on track and appointment times will be met. Your 3PL will often provide the carrier with driving directions, or act as a liaison to communicate any hurdles along the way, such as traffic or weather delays.



Once our driver has reached the place or the desired destination, he documents the arrival time in case there is a problem with detention – if the carrier waits beyond a certain time limit, they can be charged. Once our driver is fully unloaded, the consignee signs the Bill of Lading, noting any overage, shortages, or damages (OS&D), thus accepting possession of the delivering product. The consignee will document on the bill what time the unloading was completed.



Once our freight broker receives the carrier’s invoice, along with all necessary paperwork for the shipper, they are considered ready to bill and an invoice is generated.


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