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We are an exclusive freight forwarding company that caters to all your shipping and logistics needs. Our motto is to provide a one-stop solution for all your shipment needs and to give you a hassle-free shipment experience. At ASI, we offer a wide range of trucking options to choose from that suit your shipment needs.

We provide Freight Brokerage Services that pan over a wide network of over 45,000 carriers. You get access to this network through a single point of contact- all you have to do is contact us and we will be with you at the earliest.

ASI positions itself to be a shipment company with broad horizons and a zeal to assist everyone who needs it.


When you choose ASI, you are not only choosing a freight forwarding company you are choosing a life-long partner for all your transportation needs. We are a multi-discipline company that expands across Truckload, LTL, Inter-modal, Rail Freight, Ocean Freight, and Air Freight. However and wherever you want to ship, we have got you covered.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the services provided by us are efficient, responsible, and timely. Our motto is to leave little to no room for error, which we also convey to our employees. Although there may be certain factors that are out of our reach, we are always responsible.

Unlike other companies, we communicate with our customers frequently and keep them updated with the latest status of the delivery of their goods. With top-notch management, logistics support, and expert drivers suited for any terrain, you can never go wrong with ASI Freight Carrier Company.

Dedicated Team

All of us at ASI believe that with coordinated teamwork and an efficient team, a healthier work environment can be achieved

Best Rates

We provide the most appropriate rates according to the services we provide and our rates are unparalleled.

Advance Technology

With a highly developed tech gear in place, you can be assured that your goods will reach timely and any problem whatsoever, will be reported at the earliest.


We provide a wide range of services, be it ocean, air or land routes, we have a comprehensive system in place. This makes our services impeccable.


Where your shipping needs meet our sophisticated solutions


We provide almost each and every type of transportation facilities. Contact us with the type of freight you want to transport and we will give you the best solution possible.

Transportation Modes

We are the best freight carrier company which takes responsibility for your freight needs. Any type of industrial freight can be transported via our freight carriers.



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ASI Freight Carriers

We are a multi-level freight forwarding company that provides domestic and international goods transportation. By taking utmost care of your cargo, we ship it in due time by avoiding unnecessary stops and by employing highly skilled drivers that know their way around the area, to where the goods have to be shipped.

While there are many Freight Forwarding companies, what sets us apart is our relentless work ethic. We have highly developed logistical support that always guides the truckers, while also keeping a check on the delivery system being followed by them.

Our timely deliveries are a direct result of harmonious cooperation between the company and our drivers. ASI Freight Carriers are the safest mode of transporting freight as our highly experienced team knows the trade and how to deliver your goods on time and in pristine condition. When you choose us, you can relax and not worry about whether your goods reached on time, because customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

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