Specialty Industries

ASI provides various shipment facilities in many industry settings. We are an expert team of service providers who aim at excellence and efficiency for your business. We provide specialization in the following industries:-


Aerospace & Defense

This particular form of the industry requires a united team of highly skilled personnel. The ASI team makes sure that you get expert solutions for the same. We provide various shipping solutions in the form of expertly curated shippers that deliver your freight promptly.



The automotive industry involves a wide range of companies that deal with the production of design and development of cars. This industry is always in a boom and business never stops. ASI provides various types of shipment methods for transporting automobiles from one place to another without minimum risks to the cargo.


Oil & Gas

Since it is a well-established fact that not every region has an abundance of oil and gas. So, it is imported and exported a lot. If you have a business in this industry, then you must choose a reliable carrier company. ASI is your one-step contact if you need these services


Retail & Fashion

With the increase in online retail shopping, global fashion has seen a rapid increase in demand. Consumers from all over the world access various websites and order fashionable apparel. ASI has a long line of clients who ship clothes regularly via our carriers.



Healthcare industry is a global industry because the need and supply for medicines and equipment never cease. ASI understands that there are time-sensitive shipments involved in this industry, therefore, we provide a wide range of service carriers that are ready to haul your medicine and tools anytime.



The consumer industry may include anything from house appliances to personal care supplies. We have a long-standing dealing with the consumer industry. Our team of expert haulers, staff, etc. ensure that your shipment has a smooth transition to its destination.


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